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SEPORA Matte Liquid Foundation

SEPORA Matte Liquid Foundation

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Sunblock: Yes

Size: Full Size

Benefit: Moisturizer

Benefit: Oil-control

Benefit: Hydrating

Benefit: sun block

Benefit: Waterproof / Water-Resistant

Benefit: Whitening

Benefit: Concealer

keyword 1: SPF 15++

keyword 2: Oil Control

keyword 3: Full Coverage Cream

keyword 4: Natural Concealer

Type1: Matte liquid foundation

Type2: Waterproof cream foundation

Type3: Natural concealer Base

Type4: Fog face matte



The foundation texture is light and moisturizing, moisturizing and concealing, even skin tone, moisturizing skin, long-lasting isolation.



First squeeze a little on the back of the hand, and gently press it on the face with the sponge head. For areas with large pores and need to be concealed, such as forehead, dark circles, corners of the mouth, nose , etc., apply 1-2 times more.


Create thin skin

Clear makeup, not stuffy acne

Gives skin a natural glow

pores evenly

Skin tone to create light cream machine

Keep makeup for a long time

Dry skin oily skin easy to control

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