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Exfoliating scalp treatment based on sea salt

Exfoliating scalp treatment based on sea salt

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Brand Name: eelhoe

Origin: Mainland China

Gender: Unisex

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Item Type: SHAMPOO

Hair Type: Normal


1. The texture of the product, the graininess is mild, the smooth texture is delicate, and it dissolves immediately after removing the water
2. The product should be stored, avoid being placed in a humid and direct sunlight environment, and keep it sealed at room temperature.
3. Do I need to use conditioner? For dry/colored/permed damaged hair, it is recommended to use with conditioner. Please use this product with caution on dry hair
4. Dosage and frequency recommendations, medium/short hair is about the size of a coin each time; those with more hair/long hair, please increase the dosage as appropriate, heavy oily hair is recommended 4-5 times a week, normal/mild oily hair is established
2-3 times a week

Color: green
Specification: 130g
Status: Paste
Shelf life: 3 years
1. Mild sea salt, cleans the scalp, improves oiliness, cools and refreshes
2. Tremella extract, activate scalp environment, improve scalp elasticity
3. A variety of plant extracts, soothe scalp discomfort, gently repair the stratum corneum, help scalp water and oil balance
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