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Acne Treatment Face Serum Anti Pimples Spots Scars Removal

Acne Treatment Face Serum Anti Pimples Spots Scars Removal

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Gender: Unisex

Formulation: Liquid

Feature: Acne Treatment

Item Type: Face Serum

Ingredient: Witch Hazel,Arbutin

Item Type: Face Serum ,Clean your pores,Anti Acne,Spots Removal

Effect 1: remove acne and pimples, dilute acne marks, and balance the skin's water and oil balance.

Effect 2: Whitening,Moisturizing,Nourishing,Smooth Skin

Function: Effectively shrink pores and repair damaged and rough skin perfectly.

Suitable for: All Skin,Herbal Cleansing,Repair acne-prone skin, make skin smooth and elastic

Suitable Age: Any age,Shrink the pores,fade acne marks

Quality Inspection: Qualified,ualified,Effectively Eliminate Acne,Brighten Skin

Expiration Date: 3 Years,Facial Serum,Face care,Beauty health Care

Acne Treatment Face Serum Acne Spots Scar Removal Repair Essential Oil Control Shrink Pores Eliminate Pimples Treatment Skin Care Cosmetics

●Anti-acne and reduce acne mark
●Soothe and repair
●Effective in 3 days
●Weaken skin marks in 3 weeks

▶Eliminate acne and leave no marks
▶Efficiently repair cuticle
●Increase the thickness of cuticle and enhance the vitality of collagen and elastin
●Improve sagging and aging of skin, make skin tighter and younger.
▶Accelerate the repair of cuticle at skin bottom
●IRegulate immune activity, inhibit bacteria and inflammation, reduce melanin formation and brighten the dull skin
●Repair facial sagging and acne marks, help skin be delicate and smooth

▶How to use
1.After cleansing in the morning and evening
2. Apply the product to acne
3. Gently massage until absorbed into the skin

Acne skin problem repeated cycles

●Acne marks
●Rough and dull

▶3 Days:Acne reduction
●+14% skin tightness
●-6% Dull skin
√ Acne accelerates dryness and shedding

▶21 pays:Tender, smooth and translucent
●+79% skin whiteness
●+73% Moisture
√ Acne is no longer repeated,skin is tender, smooth and translucent

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