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5 in 1 silicone cleanser, Deep Cleanser, pore cleanser

5 in 1 silicone cleanser, Deep Cleanser, pore cleanser

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Brand Name: OUSSIRRO

Origin: Mainland China

Power Source: Dry Battery

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Certification: CE

Item Type: Brush

Material: Plastic

Function: Facial Clean

Choice: yes

5 in 1 cleansing brush silicone deep cleansing brush pore cleaning massage cleansing brush waterproof cleansing brush

product description

Skin-beautifying effect★: It can be used in combination with cleansing products such as facial cleanser, facial mask or beauty cream to clean the skin more effectively without damaging the surface of the skin.

Suggestion★: Choose LOW for facial massage.

1) Gently pat the face or other parts that need to be massaged with a mild cleanser;

2) After washing with warm water, press dry with a soft towel (you can't wipe your face with a towel, as this will damage your skin);

3) Install the sponge massage head on the massager. Apply the mask on the face or apply an appropriate amount of cosmetic cream on the forehead, nose, chin and other areas to be massaged;

4) Turn on the switch of the massager, and rotate and vibrate smoothly and from the bottom to the top of the massaged area. There are two options of LOW and HIGH, you can choose the more comfortable

Stalls. It is recommended to choose LOW for facial massage;

5) Continuous massage for 5-10 minutes on key massage areas (such as wrinkles, creases, thick pores or spots);

6) After the massage is completed, turn off the massager and remove the massage head;

7) Wash the massaged area with warm water and press it dry with a soft towel;

8) In addition to using facial masks and cosmetic creams, you can also use facial cleansers to deep clean your skin. The method of use is the same as above.

Relaxing massage effect: Put on a comb-shaped massage head and exercise to accelerate metabolism. The blood-activating beauty makes the skin firmer, more delicate, radiant and more elastic.

Power ★: Use 2 AA batteries

Model: AE-8782

Product size: 7*4.5*13CM

Color box size: 11*15*5CM

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