Matcha Kari Superior Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder – Ceremonial Grade, Premium First Harvest – 30 Grams (1.08 oz) Price: $35.00 (as of 05/05/2021 20:33 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

Precise Cultivation – First Harvest is a superior sipping matcha blend, stone-ground from tea leaves which have undergone intense preparation and care. Each leaf is shaded for at least 3 weeks before hand-picking. Unchanged cultivation techniques allow tea-leaves to focus energy at the top of the plant to produce wider, thinner, more delicious (and nootropic) matcha. First Harvest contains high levels of neurostimulating commpounds and antioxidants (such as EGCG).
Purity – 100% Pure Japanese Stone-ground Matcha Tea Powder. All Natural, NO Sugar, and NO Preservatives. Matcha tea leaves are shade grown for at least 3 weeks, handpicked during first harvest and stone-ground into an ultra fine powder. One serving of matcha contains 40-80 mg of caffeine.
Origin – Authentic Japanese Matcha. Matcha is harvested from our exclusive, award-winning Matcha tea-farm, in Uji, Japan. Using time-honored tradition since 1602, only a limited supply is produced annually through superior cultivation.