Jewelers Magnifying Glass with Light Bundle Includes Lighted SlideOut Pocket Magnifier Coin Loupe with 10x 20x 30x… Price: $15.66 (as of 25/09/2021 16:35 PST- Details)

BUNDLE INCLUDES … 2 Magnifying Loupes with Light. Each Magnifier Glass with Magnifying Light has Preinstalled Batteries, Excellent Magnifying Glasses for Close Work.
✔ Premium Loupes – each is a handheld magnifying glass with bright lights; includes 10x 20x 30x 40x magnifier loupe; perfect for lab or office. Suitable for hobbyists and professionals; lenses provide clear distortion free magnification & are scratch resistant. Both are ideal as Coin Magnifying Glass with Light & Handheld Magnifier or Eye Magnifier.
✔ LOUPE 1 – is a pocket magnifier with light and magnifying glass with loupe lenses 10x 20x 30x; perfect for lab, travel & field work; fits perfectly in a pocket, purse, or backpack. All three lighted magnifiers are ideal for magnifying electronic circuits, coins, rocks, currency, stamps, gems, and jewelry magnifier including watches. Ideal as Jewelry Magnifying Glass or Lighted Jewelers Loupe 10x 20x 30x.