Golden Brands 415 Soy Wax, 10lb Bag, Natural Soy Wax Flakes for Candle Making and DIY Projects, All-Natural, Paraffin… Price: $32.99 (as of 05/05/2021 19:41 PST- Details)

⭐【CANDLE MAKERS FAVORITE】One of the best selling soy wax brands in the world (if not the best!). Due to its relatively low melting point (119-125°), the wax is beautifully creamy and smooth as it melts. Definitely a favorite of soy candle makers everywhere!
🌱【ALL NATURAL SOY WAX】Plant-based waxes are a completely natural and renewable resource and the preferred choice in the journey toward sustainability. This reliable supply source provides a long list of environmental advantages, including but not limited to the wax being: non-toxic, biodegradable, clean burning and completely free of animal derived substances.
🌞【HOLDS SHAPE IN WARM WEATHER】415 has a higher melt point than 464 wax. Higher melt point helps to prevent candles from losing their form in warmer conditions.