FZH Wholesale 4mmBicone Crystal Glass Beads Multifaceted Spacer Beads 1500 PCS in Bulk, DIY Beading, Bracelets…

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Highlights: These wholesale beads are shiny and beautiful, well-made, single color and large in quantity, and the price is relatively low. This product is our best-selling product and very popular. Can meet the long-term needs of large quantities or jewelry making, sparkling beads make you feel happy
Versatility: These multifaceted Bicone crystal glass beads are made of high-quality crystal glass, and some of the beads use advanced electroplating technology to make their colors richer and more beautiful. Our beads are versatile. If you own our products, you can make any DIY gifts, beads, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, dolls and other accessories you like. If you make a satisfactory jewelry, please share it in the comments section. Works, thanks
Size: 4mm Quantity: 1500pcs, Material: Double cone glass beads. The actual color effect of Bicone beads is very good, uniform, bright and beautiful. It is our best-selling product, you deserve it

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