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Rosemary Strengthening Shampoo Hair Repair and Anti Loss

Rosemary Strengthening Shampoo Hair Repair and Anti Loss

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Name: Rosemary Strengthening Shampoo
Net content: 100ml
Main ingredients: Amino acids, rosemary, coconut oil, mint, biotin
Shelf life: 3 years
Efficacy: helps strengthen weak and brittle hair, promote br />
Strengthening Shampoo: This shampoo for all hair types with a gentle formula that nourishes, cleanses and helps strengthen weak and brittle hair.
Enriched with active nutrients like rosemary, it's safe, gentle, effective, and paraben-free for any hair type.
Promotes by rejuvenating hair follicles, strengthens hair roots and gives you amazing results in the shortest time possible.
Provides deep nourishment to hair, controls oil secretion, maintains scalp health, enhances hair shine, hydrates dry hair and prevents hair loss.
Effectively improve hair problems such as dry hair, frizzy hair, frequent hair loss, thinning hair, etc.

How to use:
The first step is to wet the hair, apply the shampoo to the hair after lather,massage gently with the finger pulp in circular motions, wash the foam clean after about five minutes, wipe the hair, and the effect will be better if you insist on using it.

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