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Extra-Volume Magic Spray Hairspray

Extra-Volume Magic Spray Hairspray

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 NET WT: 30ml

Item Type: Hair Spray

Styling Spray Hair Thickening Moisturizing Gel Curly Hair Fluffy Natural Plant Protein Hair Style


100% Brand new quality

Net content: 30ml


Instant volume-enhance hair roots!

Lift the roots to create natural and plump hair.

Non-greasy and non-sticky formula:

The styling is non-sticky and will remain in this state until your next shampoo!

Wavy and curly hair without heat damage:

The formula contains an exclusive smart technology complex that can create long-lasting shape memory, light shape and clarity while being injected into the hair!

Suitable for all hairstyles:

Whether you have oily hair or dry hair, it can easily form a layer of foam on the hair follicles!

Package includes:

1pcs hair styling spray

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