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Capsules with anti-hair loss oil vitamins and keratins for hair

Capsules with anti-hair loss oil vitamins and keratins for hair

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Brand Name: ZUOFILY

NET WT: 1g/pcs

Ingredient: Vitamin A, E and amino acids (vitamin B5), etc.

Quantity: 10PCS

Item Type: Hair & Scalp Treatment

NET WT: 1g*10

Feature: Natural botanical hair care

Feature 1: unique deep moisturizing factor,

Feature 2: effectively repair damaged hair

Feature .3: make the hair smoot

100% new quality!
Product effect: natural botanical hair care, with unique deep moisturizing factor, can effectively repair damaged hair; strong hair care penetration,quickly penetrate the show layer directly to the hair core, make the hair smooth, bright and elastic, improve The hair is combed, the hair is smooth and elegant,and the hair is easy to comb.

Red: Deeply repair damaged hair, daily care hair is soft and smooth as silk (Suitable for sofa, not for oily hair) vitamin A, C, E, vitamin B-5 nourish and repair brittle and rough hair, make hair healthier, stronger, silky smooth, and feel softer.

Gold: Normal hair care keeps hair soft, smooth and shiny. (Suitable for dry and dull hair and normal hair) vitamin A, C, E, vitamin B-5 care formulates and maintains hair moisture, hair feels softer and shiny, easy to care for and looks radiant.

Purple: hair care after dyeing, the strongest fragrance  (Suitable for hot dyed and hard hair) triple care formula are formulated to nourish and nourish dyed hair, care for dull hair after dyeing or hair damaged by sun exposure, so that hair after dyeing can maintain its shiny color. The hair feels soft and easy to comb, and the color is more durable.
Transparent gold: plant conditioner essential oil soft capsule, repair dry, frizzy and damaged care

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