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Blush Makeup Palette Cheek Tint Waterproof

Blush Makeup Palette Cheek Tint Waterproof

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Quantity: 1PCS

Benefit: Long-lasting

Benefit: Easy to Wear

Benefit: Natural Factors


Ingredient: Blusher

Model Number: Blusher

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Size: Full Size

Keywords1: Blush Makeup Love Palette

Keywords2: Waterproof Blusher Cosmetic

Keywords3: Blush Makeup Palette

Keywords4: Natural Cream Cheek Tint

Keywords5: Orange Peach Pink Blush

The powder is fine and smooth, easy to color, and the color is uniform.
The color is full, the color is rich, and the color rendering is high.
Natural makeup feel, natural color, non-sticky powder, non-flying powder, easy to create bright makeup and enhance complexion.
It can last for a long time and is supple, not easy to lose powder, and not easy to take off makeup.
Small and light, easy to carry.
Suitable for all occasions.

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