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Category: Windows Errors

Best Guide to Inspect Your Computer Efficiency After Updating Drivers

But why bother giving the Blue Screen of Death a face? It’s hard to imagine a world where any error screen, no-matter how friendly or well designed, would be met with anything but ire and…

8 Tips to Boost Poor Computer Efficiency After Virus Removal

Although Steep attempts to legitimize the winter months sports genre having a realistic approach, Ubisoft took choose to ensure that the microsoft dll download control scheme was intuitive. I don’t know how or why moving…

5 Easy Fixes to Increase Your Hard Drive Speed After Updating Windows

I just started using free Sandboxie, and am impressed. It, in conjunction with ToolWizs Time Freeze, make an efficient shield against malware when looking at and dealing on external drives. That is what I would…

Learn How to Fix If Most of Headphones Isn’t Working on Windows 7

PressWindows steam_api.dll missing + R and enterregedit. Next, click OK to start the Registry Editor, and navigate manually, or using search, to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer. In the right-hand pane, try to find ScreenshotIndex; it needs to be…

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