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Ultra Fine Liquid Lying Silkworm Eyelash Pen Matte

Ultra Fine Liquid Lying Silkworm Eyelash Pen Matte

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Number of Pieces: One Unit

Type: Eye Shadow & Liner Combination

Ultra Fine Liquid :The ultra-fine liquid formula ensures that the eyeliner pen is easy to apply and gives a precise, sharp line

  • Smooth Lasting Eye Shadow :The eye shadow component of this product provides a smooth, even application that lasts all day.
  • Highlighter Pencil :The highlighter pencil feature adds a pop of color to the eyes, making them stand out and look more vibrant.
  • Matte Brown Gray Eyeliner :The matte brown-gray eyeliner color is versatile and can be used to create a variety of eye looks, from natural to dramatic.


Ultra-fine (tip 0.01MM) eyelash pencil, as thin as hair

The lines are as thin as hair, easy to control

Freely outline/distinct

The lower eyelashes are more like eyelashes than eyelashes

The lines are as thin as hair, easy and easy to control, no mistakes for beginners

Multi-purpose can draw lower eyelashes, lying silkworm, eyeliner, eyelid down, inner corner of eye, eyebrow


100% brand new and high quality products.

Fine texture and smooth strokes.

The touch is silky, easy to color, and does not clump.

Smooth and easy-to-use brush tip with fine ruan bone, easy to use, and novices can also draw eye makeup

This eyelash pen is available in 2 styles

Color number display

2 daily color options to meet your needs

01# cement ash

Everyday versatile enlarged eyes suitable for all kinds of makeup

02#Cold Tea Brown

Smart eyes and soft nude make makeup eye makeup more gentle


Name: Freely outline eyelash pencil

Net content: 0.8g

Shelf life: 3 years

Color: 01#Cement Grey/02#Cold Tea Brown

Applicable people: General

Skin Type: General

Skin type: normal


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