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Turmeric Whitening Freckles Serum Cream Remove Dark Spots

Turmeric Whitening Freckles Serum Cream Remove Dark Spots

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Brand Name: LANBENA

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Origin: Mainland China

Gender: Unisex

NET WT: 50g,30g

Feature: Whitening

Use: Face

Date of Manufacture: 3 years,help improve skin texture and fine lines

Item Type: Cream

Ingredient: Curcuma longa extract,Olive oil,Sodium polyacrylate

Country/Region of Manufacture: CHINA

Product Name: Effective Whitening Freckles Face Cream Essence Set

Face Creams: Turmeric Removal freckle day cream

Effect: Anti-freckle and whitening, the effect of anti-acne is particularly strong

Function: Smooth skin,Lightening spots, removing acne, shrinking pores

Feature: Relieves dark yellow skin,diminishes spots

Advantage: Regulates the ability to regenerate and repair skin cells and eliminate the cause of melanin production

Suitable for: All skin, effectively prevent and regenerate various pigment spots, achieve smooth and delicate skin, soft and whitening effect

Suitable Age: Any age, whitening, moisturizing

Quality Inspection: Qualified, smooth fine lines,Korean Beauty Health,Skin Care Products

Turmeric Whitening Freckles Cream Serum Remove Dark Spots Melasma Lighten Melanin Acne Scar Anti-aging Brighten Face Skin Care

This product is made of whitening factor Turmeric and natural biological essence extracted by high technology. Long-term use can regulate the regeneration and repair ability of skin cells, eliminate the inducement of melanin production, effectively prevent the regeneration of various types of pigmentation spots, and achieve smooth and delicate skin, and soft and whitening effects.

▶Function:Fade dark spots and uniform tone, Rich and smooth skin, Fade acne marks ,Immediate supplement and sedation, Effective brightening and tightening
●1.Helps skin to resist UV rays,avoid dark spots and freckles,lighten spots and shrink pores.
●2.Turmeric serum can moisturizing,rejuvenating and anti-aging,anti-wrinkle and anti-inflammatory effects.
●3.Suitable for improving and preventing rough skin and promoting the recovery of skin barrier function.
●4.Prevent melanin from depositing in keratinocytes and promote the metabolism of melanin-containing epidermal cells.

▶How to use:
1. Clean the skin
2. Apply appropriate amount of essence evenly on the face and neck and gently massage
3. After the serum is absorbed by the skin, use turmeric face cream, and use your fingertips to make a circular movement until it is absorbed
It is recommended to use it sooner or later



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