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Sakura Whitening Cream Korean Sunscreen Protector Facial

Sakura Whitening Cream Korean Sunscreen Protector Facial

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Number of Pieces: One Unit

NET WT: 50g

Ingredient: sunscreen

Use: Face

Item Type: sunscreen

Sakura Whitening Cream Korean Sunscreen Protector Facial Solar Sun Blocker Spf50 Isolation Lotion Cream Bleaching Moisturizer



EFFECTS : Lightweight / UV Protection / Whitening

MAIN INGREDIENTS : Prunus Lannesiana Flower Extract , Sodium Hyaluronate .Hydrolyzed Rice Protein , Calendula Officinalis ExtractCentella Asiatica Extract


NEW QUALITY: 100% new and high quality product for home or professional use

Defends against UV rays: LAIKOU JAPAN SAKURA SUNSCREEN contains plum orchid extract to brighten and firm skin. With long-lasting UV protection, it can effectively prevent sunburn.

Clear and non-greasy texture: smooth texture, lotion texture, non-greasy, can quickly form a protective film on the skin surface.

Relieves dry skin: Contains ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate, hydrolyzed rice protein, and Centella asiatica extract to relieve skin moisture loss from sun exposure, leaving skin smooth and radiant.

Scope of application: Take an appropriate amount of the product in the palm and apply it evenly on the face. The neck and other areas are exposed to sunlight

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