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PURC 8 Seconds Hair Mask Professional Keratin

PURC 8 Seconds Hair Mask Professional Keratin

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NET WT: 70g

Ingredient: Keratin, Amino Acids

Item Type: Hair & Scalp Treatment

Model Number: 8 Seconds Hair Mask

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Feature: Repair damaged hair

Feature 2: Daily home hair care products

Feature 3: Smoothing hair, Softening hair


The formula specially developed for hair damaged by hot dyeing contains 15 kinds of natural amino acids to supplement hair nutrition. Formulated with 15% hydrolyzed keratin to quickly repair damaged hair. Combined with 10% small molecule protein, it deeply nourishes the hair core, repairs the hair from the inside to the outside, and immediately repairs the hair damaged by perm and dyeing, making the hair soft, smooth, moist and shiny. No frizz, continuous hair. No split ends. It improves frizzy, dry, and untang hair like dry straw.

15 types of amino acids

15% hydrolyzed keratin

10% small molecular protein

This product can also be used as daily hair care. It absorbs in 8 seconds to make the hair soft and easy to comb. It is easier to make the hair soft, smooth and moisturized than ordinary hair masks.

Frequent dyeing and styling, everyday blow-drying and pulling

Result in increasingly poor hair quality

Damaged by dyeing and perming

Dryness and frizz

Tangled and matted

Split ends and breakage

Dull and lackluster

Reviving hair, why use an advanced hair mask?

If you want smooth and silky hair to last, you need to deeply nourish the hair core.

Advanced hair mask:

It penetrates layer by layer from the surface to the hair core, injecting nutrients, and repairing from the hair core to the outer layer. It truly revives the hair and restores the cuticle's ability to open and close independently, comprehensively repairing the hair quality from the root.

A bottle that solves 9 hair problems

PURC Hair Restoration Milk (Advanced Hair Mask)



messy hair


Split ends

Easy breakage




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