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Instant Lifting Collagen Protein Thread Set Wrinkle Removal Facial

Instant Lifting Collagen Protein Thread Set Wrinkle Removal Facial

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Brand Name: eelhoe

Gender: Unisex

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Origin: Mainland China

Formulation: Liquid

Feature: Anti-Aging

Item Type: Face Serum

Ingredient: HYDROLYZEDCOLLAGEN, HYDROLYZED SILK, Allantoin, Gold Foil, Carbomer

product name: Collagen Protein Thread

item type: Face Serum,gel,face care.righten skin tone, anti-aging, remove wrinkles

effect: Improve skin elasticity,Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

effect2: Relieves dry skin and lightens fine lines

function: Raise the jaw line,Remove yellow gas from the face

function2: Antioxidant, shrink pores, whitening and moisturizing

Quality Inspection: Qualified,skin care ,Korean beauty health

Shelf life: 3 years,Avoid direct sunlight, store in a cool place

Protein Thread Lifting Kit Face Lift Firming Absorbable Anti-Aging Facial Serum Collagen Wrinkle Remove Skin Care Essence

Contains plant extracts to replenish nutrients and moisture to the skin.
It relieves dry skin and diminishes fine lines.
Insist on using to firm skin to regain radiance.
Tightening skin lines, leaving skin smooth and firm.
Long term use can brightening skin tone and anti-aging, remove wrinkles.

1. [moisturizing and nourishing] a variety of moisturizing ingredients make the skin moist and elastic
2. [brighten skin tone] brighten and brighten the skin
3. [reduce fine lines and wrinkles] golden polypeptide ingredients make skin delicate and smooth
4. [lifting ] integrates silk protein ingredients to enhance skin firmness
5. [silk protein] the protein line made from silk protein can melt, be easily absorbed and tighten the skin

▶--How to use:
✦1. After cleansing, apply the golden liquid evenly on the face
✦2. Apply the protein line to the cheeks and forehead along the skin texture
✦3. Apply the golden liquid to the protein line and gently massage until absorbed.


▶Suitable for various skin types

●lmprove skin elasticity
●Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
●Raise the jaw line
●Remove yellow gas from the face
●Rub yellow gas from the face

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