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Cherry Blossom Shower Gel Lavender Petals Bath Lotion

Cherry Blossom Shower Gel Lavender Petals Bath Lotion

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Model Number: Petals Shower Gel

Ingredient: Jasmine, Cherry Blossom, Lavender Petals

Item Type: Shower Gel

Number of Pieces: One Unit



Feature 1: Shower Gel Body Wash

Feature 2: Body Cleansers

Jasmine Cherry Blossom Lavender Petals Shower Gel Bath Lotion Refreshing Cleaning Lasting Fragrance Moisturizing Body Wash 500ml

Product Features:

1. Moisturizing the skin, improve skin moisture, moisture, dry and rough, promote skin absorption, fade dark, lasting moisture, so that the skin, such as baby silky tender.
2.Remove excess keratin and dirt, brightening your skin, improve dull and rough.
3.Contain Cocamide Citric acid, Jasmine, cherry blossom, lavender extract, gently cleanse skin, and make skin compact, clean, smooth and clear. Whitening.
Shelf Life: 3years
Usage Method: Just like ordinary shower gel.After cleaning the skin, apply proper amount onto skin, gently massage until absorbed.



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