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Body Whitening Soap

Body Whitening Soap

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Function: Kill Germs

Function: Disinfection

Function: Remove Germs

Function: Antimicrobial

Function: Bacteriostatic

Function: Cleaning

Function: Moisturizing

Function: Hydrating

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Soap Type: Handmade Soap

Item Type: Soap

Function: Inhibits melanin production at source, improves brightness, prevents melanin from transferring and spreading, and prevents precipitation.

Advantage: Helps whiten the body and reduces dullness of underarm skin.

Effectiveness: Enhances whitening ability to maintain fairness, smoothness, moisturization and elasticity.

Age Appropriate: Uses nourishing and safe ingredients to care for and repair skin at any age.

Suitable for: Face, neck, underarms, intimate areas, elbows, hands, knees, inner thighs, feet, body, brightening skin for dark spots and uneven skin tone.

Product Type: Cleansing soap, hand soap, whitening soap.

Product Use: Body skincare, removes melanin and improves dullness, darkness and uneven skin tone.

Valid period: 3 years, whitening and moisturizing effect lasting.

Body Whitening Soap Chicken Skin Remove Underarm Knees Bleaching Soap Dark Spot Removal Skin Firming Brighten Body Care Products

Ginseng,Reynoutria multiflora,Ginger, Natural herb extract,Olive oil
Enriched with the most precious restorative ingredient EGF and antioxidant ingredient SOD, deep moisturizing. Increases skin elasticity and radiance.
◆How to use
After wetting the skin, apply to the body After moistening, apply to the body or rinse off with water after a gentle massage with the help of a foam net.

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