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Anti-wrinkle and anti-bag eye cream 7 days

Anti-wrinkle and anti-bag eye cream 7 days

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Brand Name: eelhoe

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Gender: Female

Item Type: Cream

Use: EYE

Feature: Anti-Puffiness

Feature: Dark Circle

Feature: Anti-Aging

Feature: Moisturizing

▶[Feature]: Applied lightly, it can nourish skin around eyes, mildly care delicate skin around eyes and effectively soothe dry skin. The skin around eyes is soft, smooth and fine. It can radiant your skin.
▶[Advantage]:Reverse photoaging,Accelerate skin self-renewal
▶[Details]: Tighten eye skin, fade fine lines , Remove dark circles, eye bags and Anti Wrinkle


√ Step 1:apply small dots around your eyes
√ Step 2: Gently massage from top to bottom and from inside to outside until completely absorbed
√ Step 3: Gently massage your eyes with warm hands to promote the absorption of eye cream

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